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Accelerating the Journey to a Learning Organization

Becoming a learning organization takes time. Core disciplines such as personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, and team learning, which are essential to a learning organization, require sustained effort. Knowledge management tools and a focus on the culture of knowledge can be a catalyst in accelerating your journey. Jake Vellinga, Principal Consultant at SPAR Solutions, leads projects that focus on change management and leadership. Jake will share best practices in creating a learning organization and how successful knowledge management ties in with meeting business objectives.

Speaker: Jake Vellinga, Principal Consultant, SPAR Solutions


Transforming the First Sixty Seconds

Customers will always have complex, urgent, or important needs that require human assistance. Yet the first sixty seconds of nearly every contact center conversation is often the most painful and stressful for customers and employees alike, in turn failing to set these interactions up for success. Technologies exist that support a radically different experience, but they are underused by businesses. This session will walk you through the key elements of any welcome experience, how they can be better enabled by technology, and look at some real-life examples and top tips for success. Whether you are charged with improving the experience, cost, or security of contact center interactions, this session will be of interest to you!

Speaker: Matt Smallman, Director SymNex Consulting


A Sophisticated Approach: Driving Digital Customer-Centricity Across the Organization

Sophisticated customer-centric leaders know that it takes more than data to move an organization. You have to couple the right data with thoughtful analysis and a strategy for bringing the rest of the organization on board. Learn how an accomplished digital and marketing leader uses Verint insights to provide a CX imperative and drive improvement across the business.

Speaker: Brendan Deasy, Freddie Mac


VOC Takes Flight: How Expedia Moves from Feedback to Experience Management

With brands such as, Vrbo, Trivago, and Orbitz, Expedia Group’s mission is to put the world within reach for its users. Attend this session to learn how Expedia uses Verint Digital Experience to gather feedback from customers across its brands to both close the loop on individual issues and make strategic data-driven product enhancements.

Speaker: Anupama Sarohe, Expedia; Kasturi Ray, Sr. Customer Experience Analyst, Expedia


Test Your WFM Knowledge – Play WFM Jeopardy!

Back by popular demand, get ready for some fun, excitement, and plenty of interaction with your fellow workforce management professionals at the conference. Whether you are you a forecasting wizard, a scheduling guru, or just someone who’s excited to learn, come to this session to play Jeopardy and test your knowledge of workforce management. Everyone can participate and win great prizes!

Speaker: Vicki Herrell, Executive Director, Society of Workforce Planning Professionals, LLC


WFO in the Cloud: Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned

In this session, a large travel management company will share their experiences implementing Verint Quality Management, Desktop and Process Analytics, and Workforce Management in Verint’s multitenant cloud. The organization was able to centralize its WFO capabilities with Verint after struggling with multiple disparate systems across its contact centers. Follow the company’s journey as it shares key lessons learned around implementation, resource management, decision making, and more. Learn about the benefits of the cloud and the steps you can take to help ensure a smooth transition.

Speaker: Debbie Graves, Leader WFO | Business Platforms Group, Contact Center Products, CWT; Chrissy Frank, Call Routing Analyst, Traveler Experience, CWT


Customer Service Trends: Real World Solutions for the Roarin’ Twenties!

Cloud, AI, Employee Engagement, and Analytics. Are these overhyped buzzwords or the foundations of successful contact centers in the decade ahead? In this session, Paul Stockford, founder of Saddletree Research, will present the results of the 2020 research Saddletree Research conducted in conjunction with the National Association of Call Centers (NACC). See how these solutions stack up in the eyes of your industry colleagues and consider where you should focus your efforts in the years ahead – the contact center Roarin’ Twenties!

Speaker: Paul Stockford, Chief Analyst, Saddletree Research; Kelly Koelliker, Director of Content Marketing, Verint


How to Scale RPA for Greater Benefit and Impact

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a great tool to improve efficiencies, accuracy, employee engagement, and end-customer experience. But how do you know what to automate? How do you scale RPA across your organization? How do you ensure you achieve sustainable benefits? Attend this session to learn how combining RPA with Verint’s new Automation Discovery solution and other workforce engagement capabilities can help you achieve your automation goals.

Speaker: Ray LeBlanc, Product Strategy Manager, GTM DPA and RPA Solutions, Verint; Senan Burgess, Director, Product Management, Verint


Make Your Customers’ Self-Serve Experience Soar with Speech Analytics

From operational improvements to customer satisfaction gains, speech analytics can do wonders for your contact center. However, the application of the solution and results don’t have to stop there! In this session, WestJet, an award-winning global airline, shares how its speech program works in tandem with its Digital team and other stakeholders craving qualitative data to improve customer experience across its self-serve channels. Get a birds-eye view of the company’s speech program and call study process (identify, quantify, analyze, implement, and monitor) and learn first-hand how easy it is to leverage speech analytics to expose opportunities, identify root causes, and action solutions. Leave ready to take your own speech program to new heights!

Speaker: Chris Lopez and Lystra Matthews, WestJet


Always Connected: How rue21 Competes with a Data-Driven CX Strategy

In a challenging retail environment, rue21 is now thriving. This fun, casual fashion retailer has embraced a data-driven CX strategy, from the customer service center to the store, and is seeing results. Attend this session to hear how the insights team was able to rally different stakeholders around NPS and drive improvements that showed up in the numbers.

Speaker: Alexandra Acosta, rue21