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How to Drive Performance and Success in 2022

Engage22 Online

Welcome to Engage22 Online, our year-round virtual event for Verint EMEA customers, partners and wider audience.

Engage22 Online is filled with opportunities to learn from customer engagement experts, keynote speakers and other Verint customers who will share their insights, thoughts and experiences.

You can also find out more about our solutions in our Solutions Showcase below.


Find out more about the latest solutions in our solutions showcase below.


Gain valuable insight from customer and employee engagement experts and Verint customers.

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Hear from our great thought leaders and customer engagement experts.

  • Jamil Qureshi

    Jamil Qureshi


  • Mark Gallagher

    Mark Gallagher


  • Neil Martin

    Neil Martin


  • Lucas Sicard

    Lucas Sicard


  • Tamás Polster

    Tamás Polster


  • Mark Webb

    Mark Webb


  • Matt Flury

    Matt Flury


  • Ashish Kohli

    Ashish Kohli


  • Aoife Bullingham

    Aoife Bullingham


  • Anastasiia Novak

    Anastasiia Novak


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Engage Online Agenda

Jamil Qureshi , Keynote

LIVE 18/01/22 – Keynote: How to Drive Performance and Success in 2022

Are your teams and business equipped to succeed? What are the right attitudes and mindsets for better performance? How do you inspire your workforce to embrace change, technology in a disrupted world?

It has never been more important to create a new way of thinking to enable a new way of doing. We must be ‘human-led, technology-enabled’, with a dynamic culture prepared for success.

Leading performance coach, Jamil Qureshi’s will take us through a practical understanding of how to cultivate mindsets and optimise your talent.

Join this session where Jamil will share his thoughts on how to:

  • Change behaviours by changing the way we think
  • Take responsibility for our own actions
  • Create a mindset for performance and growth

ON DEMAND – Data Driven Performance and the Importance of Understanding Every Moment

Insight from your voice and text channels can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

By extracting meaningful insights from the millions of interactions and desktop activities, your teams and business can drive change, improve productivity, and increase customer loyalty.

In this session, our experts will show how, as in the world of Grand Prix motor racing, AI and analytics can help deliver real-time insights and predict future trends and the importance of enriched data for the entire business including analysts, data Scientists and frontline staff.

Register now and hear how you too can drive faster action, impact, and ROI across the organisation.

ON DEMAND – Real Time Work: Creating Positive Outcomes for Employees and Customers

In our keynote from our Formula One experts (9 November), they discuss the vast amounts of data that a Formula One team analyses and the importance of real-time analytics to drive performance.

Your workforce also handles huge volumes of data through your customer interactions on a wide range of topics every day.

Your customers expect immediate, accurate answers, on all of these topics, and a great experience at all times.

How do you empower your agents with the resources, in the moment, to provide fast, accurate, and compliant information?

In this session, find out how Verint’s Real-Time Work solutions help connect work, data, and experiences to guide better customer interactions and outcomes.

Mark Gallagher , Performance Insights

Neil Martin , Random Logic

ON DEMAND – Data-Driven Performance in the Fast Lane of Formula One

A Formula OneTM car sends 1000 channels of data relating to car performance back to the pitlane teams in real time.

Along with other data inputs their centralized data hub delivers better team decisions both pre, during and post-race.

Join Mark Gallagher and Neil Martin in this fascinating session about the role of real-time analytics in modern Grand Prix motor racing; how it has changed the game for Formula OneTM teams; and how such a powerful tool can differentiate any organisation from its competition.

You can put any questions to Mark and Neil at the end of the live session.


Mark Webb , Presenter

ON DEMAND – Diversity & Technology: How Anyone Can Work Anywhere, Anytime – Mark Webb

Power your inclusion strategy with workforce management technologies. From the pandemic comes the opportunity to create a future of work within front facing and back office customer operations, which is truly inclusive and highly flexible. One that offers opportunities for those with physical and/or neurological disabilities and additional needs.
With long Covid fuelling a growing awareness of neuro-fatigue, technology exists which enables worker choice and control over hours of work – and apportions exactly the right work for when employees can log on.
Join our expert and inspirational panel including Mark Webb, a former senior leader within a FTSE firm who was diagnosed with MS in 2007, and discover:
  • How to provide a culture which treats people imaginatively as individuals
  • The technologies that allow any working pattern to be supported – whether that is a few hours at set times a day or cumulative weekly totals.
  • The benefits to your entire workforce, your organisation and ultimately your customers

Matt Flury , Presenter

ON DEMAND – Understanding your Engagement Capacity Gap: turning insight into action – Matt Flury

Many organisations find themselves with an expanding engagement capacity gap – the ability to meet the growing demands for customer engagement and the resources required to deliver on them.
Can your existing tools, people and approaches keep up? Understanding your engagement capacity gap will help you compete and prepare for the future.
In this webinar, Matt Flury, Business Psychologist, will look at how turning this insight into action is ultimately a behavioural challenge for organisations. He’ll discuss how organisations often have the insight but struggle to effectively use it to change behaviour – they sometimes “get in their own way”.
Hear Matt’s thought-provoking insights on how to break down barriers and drive change to help deliver a different customer experience.

07/12/2021 – Data driven insights enable Dutch Mortgage Lender to deliver better customer engagement in Real-Time

Can you create positive outcomes during every customer interaction? Do your employees have the necessary answers and guidance, in the moment, to deliver? 

Mortgage lender, Florius, put the needs of its 400,000+ customers at the heart of every engagement when it set out on its digital transformation journey several years ago. By surfacing insight from every interaction, they can give agents real-time guidance on how to respond better to their customers, in the moment.

In this webinar, Seif Alhamrany (Team Manager Advice, Florius) explains how Verint Speech Analytics and the Real-Time Agent Assist Solutions help the business to:

  • Understand the drivers of customer loyalty and retention
  • Deliver fast and effective remote training
  • Provide enhanced key metrics, including NPS, FTR / FCR and CSAT
  • Progress towards full automation for better customer experiences

Keith Barrow (Director, Solutions Consulting, Verint) joins the session to explain why extracting insights from interactions and desktop activities, plus connecting work, data and experiences helps deliver better outcomes – for both your customers and organisation.

Lucas Sicard , Keynote

Tamás Polster ,

Ashish Kohli , Malomatia

ON DEMAND – Hybrid Working Models of the Future

How we will work, where we will work and what offices we will need? Open, vibrant, flexible – are you ready for tomorrow’s workforce?

We are entering a new era of employee expectation which is fuelling seismic organisational and urban redesigns. Fresh possibilities mean individual organisations must rethink their workplace strategies and resulting office footprints within cities that also need to evolve at pace.

Verint are delighted to host this truly fascinating panel discussion featuring Urbanite Advisors, a Corporate Real Estate and Location Consultancy firm, Qatar’s leading IT services provider Malomatia who operate the largest contact centre in Qatar on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MOTTC), and Huw Jones – Verint’s Workforce Management technology expert.

Join us to discover:

  • An insight into what the cities and workplaces of tomorrow must deliver
  • The very latest research on the remote working and real estate plans of key employers across the UK and EMEA
  • How technology can support an agile, remote and distributed workforce to deliver organisational goals
  • How a flexible location mindset enabled Malomatia to rapidly handle a 200% increase in customer interactions

This webinar will offer a blueprint on the transformative steps that should be considered across your contact centre and wider organisation.

Reserve your place. Registrants are also welcome to share news of this session with their Heads of HR, Recruitment, Transformation, Digitisation and Operations.


Anastasiia Novak , BNP

ON DEMAND – BNP Paribas Poland’s Digital Journey to Boundless Customer Engagement

BNP Paribas Polska, one of Poland’s biggest universal banks, has around 280 products and 3 million customers.

Offering ways for customers to engage with its products through digital channels is key to its customer engagement strategy. And convincing its customers to move to these digital channels was a priority.

In this presentation, Anastasiia Novak, BNP Paribas Polska, will walk you through the process they embarked on, with the help of Verint solutions, to promote its digital channels through their Contact Centre.

Register now and hear how they defined the scope of the project, implemented Real-Time Agent Assist and increased the number of active digital users.


Ashish Kohli , Malomatia

ON DEMAND – Terms of Engagement: How Webhelp keeps its agents motivated to deliver exceptional customer experiences

With over 75,000 agents working from 170 locations, Webhelp, a global business process outsourcing provider, delivers exceptional service on behalf of some of the world’s leading brands.  

In a highly competitive environment, Webhelp differentiates through the quality, enthusiasm and proficiency of its people. The company is using a variety of innovative mechanisms for engaging and training their agents to always be their best.During the session Fredrik Jakobsson, Program Development Manager, at Webhelp will share how they do it. Join it to learn how Webhelp utilises Employee Success technology to:

  • Optimise how it motivates employees to adopt desired behaviours
  • Ensure training, and knowledge updates are retained and applied on the job
  • Transform manager 1:1s into real-time coaching sessions
  • Increase employee’s productivity across the board with a focus on core performers

Please join Verint, Webhelp and our Employee Success partners, Centrical, for what promises to be a fascinating insight into how you can turn possibilities into deliverables. If there is one webinar you need to catch before the summer holidays begin, this is the one.

Aoife Bullingham , BMW

ON DEMAND – How Knowledge Management empowered BMW UK’s customers and employees

As with many brands, digital transformation has impacted BMW UK’s customer behaviour. However, this innovative business constantly challenges itself to offer the best customer experience.

With more and more customers doing their research online, long before they make their first contact with the brand, BMW UK looked to empower its customers by giving them 24/7 access to the information they were looking for.

Living up to the premium-brand expectations of its customers, BWM also explored potential improvements for the 4 million+ annual interactions within their Customer Interaction Centre.

In this webinar, Aoife Bullingham, BMW UK, explains how its global business, with more than 31 production sites in 14 countries and a sales network across 140 countries, has harnessed the power of Knowledge Management to drive a single source of knowledge across all its customer touchpoints.

Join this session to find out how Knowledge Management can reduce the effort, time and cost required to meet your evolving customer and employee needs, while providing a foundation to drive intelligent automation across your business.

14/12/2021 – The Value of Data: Engagement Data Management

Data is critical to business success, but gaining access to all the data and being able to unlock the insights within is a challenge!

Business managers and executives are awash with data about their business, but, because of the sheer volume of interactions and experiences taking place, across the growing number and variety of communication channels, this data is yielding precious little insight into the what, why, where and how of improving their operations’ performance.

With all this data – in so many different places and formats – how can you make it intelligible and useful?

The solution is to build a data hub that acts as a single, purpose built, repository for all your customer interaction and experiences data. Here it can be unified and harmonized to provide cohesive data for reporting and analysis,revealing insights that inform strategy across the whole spectrum of business activity.

But building such a data hub is a complex, time-consuming and expensive endeavor. And one that may fail to keep up with evolutions in engagement channels and customer behaviors.

So, Verint have built it for you…

Register for this webinar to learn more about how Verint can help you crack the engagement data challenge.

ON DEMAND – Verint Monet Workforce Management Demo

Are you struggling with adherence, meeting SLA’s and managing productivity levels within your contact centre? Did you know that you can optimise your workforce with one affordable solution, which results in better utilisation of resources, cost management efficiency and improved service levels?

Verint Monet Workforce Optimisation enables organisations to enhance its customer experience, improve agent productivity, identify performance gaps and empower workforces to deliver outstanding and efficient customer service across hybrid working environments.

Learn more in our webinar, where we will walk you through how this integrated platform works and show how it can help:

  • create efficient schedules for incoming call volumes
  • tracks key metrics in accordance with your business goals
  • monitors calls for quality, training and compliance purposes

Discover why Verint Monet is an easy to deploy, unified cloud contact centre optimisation solution, which includes workforce management, performance management and analytics.

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