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Welcome to Engage21 Online, our year-round virtual event for Verint EMEA customers, partners and wider audience.

Engage21 Online is filled with opportunities to learn from customer engagement experts, keynote speakers and other Verint customers who will share their insights, thoughts and experiences.

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Find out more about the latest solutions in our solutions showcase below.


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  • Nancy Rademaker

    Nancy Rademaker


  • Ben Page

    Ben Page


  • Daniela A Ben Said

    Daniela A Ben Said


  • Matt Flury

    Matt Flury


  • Mark Webb

    Mark Webb


  • Xander van der Poel

    Xander van der Poel


  • Nicholas Skjoldborg Reim

    Nicholas Skjoldborg Reim


  • Sander Kuijer

    Sander Kuijer


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Engage Online Agenda

Nancy Rademaker , Keynote

13/05/21 – Finding the Sweet Spot between High Tech & High Touch

Without doubt, in the past year, we have seen the biggest digital transformation ever to take place in such a small timeframe.

Join Nancy Rademaker, digital and customer centricity expert, as she shares her insights on how Speed, Resilience & Agility are required to keep ahead of the game.

Nancy will discuss how technology has helped create more informed, individualistic, impatient, intuitive and influenced consumers and employees with ever increasing expectations.

She’ll explain how data, insight, systems and algorithms provide the basis for understanding these demands and balancing Customer Experience & Customer Expectations.

Join Nancy on 13th May where she will share her thoughts and answer questions live.

Ben Page , Ipsos MORI

22/04/21 – Future of Work: Ben Page

Our lives and the way we work have changed dramatically but what does the future hold?
In our first Engage Online Keynote of the year, Ben Page, Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI will look at what employers and employees want – and what they expect will happen in the years ahead.
Are we moving towards a greener, more productive future, with less commuting, more flexible working, and increased employee well-being?
Referencing employee and consumer expectations and trends, Ben will share his insights on the future of work whilst reflecting on changing societal, work and consumer values.
Join Ben Page on 22nd April at 10:00 BST for a thought-provoking discussion.

About Ipsos Mori Ipsos Mori are a global research company that provides accurate, relevant information and precise measurement on Society, Markets and People.

Daniela A Ben Said , Keynote

15/04/21 – Kundenverblüffung ist der neue Vertrieb: Kunden gewinnen und zu Fans machen

Kundengewinnung und Service bedeutet heute viel mehr als nur gute Angebote und Produkte zu haben.

  • Warum stecke ich manchmal stundenlang in Warteschleifen von Callcentern, um die gleiche Frage oder das gleiche Thema zum x-ten Male erzählen zu müssen ohne eine Lösung zu haben?
  • Warum schicken uns die Krankenkassen keinen Brief mit guten Besserungswünschen?
  • Warum ist so manche „Customer-journey“ wirklich eine Reise in der Service-Holzklasse, statt First-Class-Kundenbetreuung?

Diese und viele weitere Fragen stellen sich beim Thema „Service“. Kundengewinnung, Dienstleistung und Service heißt heutzutage: „Stelle den Menschen in den Mittelpunkt, nutze die innovativen Digitalisierungsmaßnahmen und plötzlich ist dein Kunde mehr als nur ein Debitor.“ Die Voraussetzungen für Kundenbegeisterung sind Persönlichkeit, Menschlichkeit und Mut zum Anderssein. In diesem Vortrag erhalten Sie Ideen, Ideen, Ideen.

  • Verkaufspsychologie
  • Kommunikationsregeln & Körpersprache
  • Beschwerdemanagement
  • Digitalisierung und Innovationen nutzen
  • Be different or die – Instrumente zur Kundenverblüffung

ON DEMAND – Diversity & Technology: How Anyone Can Work Anywhere, Anytime

Power your inclusion strategy with workforce management technologies. From the pandemic comes the opportunity to create a future of work within front facing and back office customer operations, which is truly inclusive and highly flexible. One that offers opportunities for those with physical and/or neurological disabilities and additional needs.
With long Covid fuelling a growing awareness of neuro-fatigue, technology exists which enables worker choice and control over hours of work – and apportions exactly the right work for when employees can log on.
Join our expert and inspirational panel including Mark Webb, a former senior leader within a FTSE firm who was diagnosed with MS in 2007, and discover:
  • How to provide a culture which treats people imaginatively as individuals
  • The technologies that allow any working pattern to be supported – whether that is a few hours at set times a day or cumulative weekly totals.
  • The benefits to your entire workforce, your organisation and ultimately your customers

Matt Flury , Presenter

ON DEMAND – Understanding your Engagement Capacity Gap: turning insight into action – Matt Flury

Many organisations find themselves with an expanding engagement capacity gap – the ability to meet the growing demands for customer engagement and the resources required to deliver on them.
Can your existing tools, people and approaches keep up? Understanding your engagement capacity gap will help you compete and prepare for the future.
In this webinar, Matt Flury, Business Psychologist, will look at how turning this insight into action is ultimately a behavioural challenge for organisations. He’ll discuss how organisations often have the insight but struggle to effectively use it to change behaviour – they sometimes “get in their own way”.
Hear Matt’s thought-provoking insights on how to break down barriers and drive change to help deliver a different customer experience.

Xander van der Poel , Nationale-Nederlanden

25/03/21 – How Nationale-Nederlanden drives back office operational efficiency with Verint’s Work Manager solution

Understanding and better management of your employees’ skill sets and workloads can improve both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Nationale-Nederlanden (NN) is the largest insurer in the Netherlands, supporting over 6 million customers.

Historically, their back office was made up of small teams each with specialist knowledge. They didn’t have a holistic view of workload and competencies across each team which made them vulnerable during busy periods.

The business understood it needed better management in the planning and control of lead times. It needed to execute a fair division of labour and work schedules based on skill sets and availability.

In this webinar, NN Change Manager, Xander van der Poel will walk you through the key objectives of this change process and the positive impact it has had on the back office.

He we will discuss the approach, communication, motivation and acquired insights for a successful implementation and how, thanks to Verint’s Work Manager solution, NN has seen:

  • A 20% increase in operational efficiency (50% to 70%)
  • A reduction in handling times of customer enquiries
  • Work distributed fairly and optimally throughout all teams

Nicholas Skjoldborg Reim , Forca

30/03/21 – Pension service company Forca boosts member experience with Speech Analytics

“Do we provide good service and is it as good as we think?” Just one of the questions Nicholas Huth Skjoldborg Reim and the team from Forca tried to answer via reporting, call logging, meetings and surveys prior to the adoption of Speech Analytics.

Forca, the renowned pension service company for multiple Danish Life and Pension providers, serves over 600.000+ members. Join Nicholas, Head of Digital Business Development at Forca, and discover their exciting journey, taking Speech Analytics right to the core of the CX strategy.

“The better you are at looking at data, the more you’re aware of your blind spots” explains Nicholas when looking back at the period before Speech Analytics. “We realised we had a huge blind spot on our primary form of contact, the 100.000+ conversations with our members every year. Now we have a structured approach to our data quality and quantity and Speech Analytics has given us a huge potential to grow our business in many ways”.

Discover how Speech Analytics has improved the member experience significantly, elevated the business and how next steps such as Real Time Agent Assist will provide live guidance to service agents while handling a call.


31/03/21 – Eneco: Hoe bind je de nieuwe generatie servicemedewerkers aan je?

Customer service is altijd volop in ontwikkeling en continu aan technologische verandering onderhevig. Door deze ontwikkelingen ontstaat er een hybride workforce van mensen en bots.

Een nieuwe generatie – digitaal onderlegde – medewerkers dient zich aan en vraagt om moderne tools die hen helpt om regie over hun werk/privé balans te voeren. Meer flexibiliteit en autonomie is van cruciaal belang voor deze generatie zodat zij werkzaamheden flexibel kan uitvoeren vanuit welke locatie, via welk kanaal en op welk moment dan ook.

Om de service richting de klant van Eneco te verbeteren en tegemoet te komen aan de veranderde flexibiliteit vraagstukken, werkte Eneco in co-creatie met meerdere outsource partners zoals Uitblinqers en technologiepartner Verint samen. Doel van de samenwerking is om de wensen van de medewerkers en de wensen van de klant van Eneco op een duurzame manier bij elkaar te brengen.

Eneco is zo in staat om een vernieuwd WFM-model optimaal te laten renderen met een moderne Workforce Management-benadering, waarbij Verint WFM hét bindmiddel is tussen de behoefte van zowel de medewerkers van Uitblinqers, als de klant van Eneco.“Met onze contactcenter partner Uitblinqers verwelkomen we steeds meer HBO en WO opgeleide medewerkers op onze Customer Care, die weer een nieuwe succesvolle dimensie geven aan onze dienstverlening”, zegt Sander Kuijer, Manager WFM & Outsourcing bij Eneco.

Solutions Showcase

Below is a selection of Solutions videos from our Solutions Experts.

  • An Introduction to Communities

  • An Introduction to Automated Quality Management

  • An Introduction to Automated Verification

  • An Introduction to Branch Workforce Management

  • An Introduction to Engagement Management Pro

  • An Introduction to Enterprise Management

  • An Introduction to Identity Analytics

  • An Introduction to Knowledge Management Pro

  • An Introduction to Monet Workforce Management

  • An Introduction to Predictive Experience

  • An Introduction to Robotic Process Automation

  • An Introduction to Speech and Text Analytics 

  • An Introduction to Work Manager

  • An Introduction to Workforce Management

  • An Introduction to Experience Management 

  • An Introduction to Intelligent Virtual Assistant

  • What’s new in Predictive Experience

  • What’s new in Speech and Text Analytics 

  • What’s new in Enterprise Feedback

  • What’s new in Knowledge Management Pro

  • What’s new in Recording and Quality Management

  • What’s new in Workforce Management

  • What’s new in Engagement Management Pro

  • Back Office Work Manager

  • Microsoft Team – compliance Recording with 15.2

  • Microsoft Teams – Compliance Recording with VFC

  • Managing Remote Workers

  • Managing the Return to the Office

  • Automated Quality Management in Dutch

Blogs and articles

Why not take a break, grab a cup of coffee and catch up on what thought leaders, industry and Verint experts are saying about Customer and Employee Engagement.


  • Future of Work

  • Match AI and Analytics Initiative

  • How to Close the Engagement Capacity Gap

  • Bridging the Engagement Capacity Gap

  • Intelligent Virtual Assistants & Chatbots

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