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Adventureman will welcome you to the park with his incredible, inspirational and entertaining adventures proving along the way that all our journeys are Better Together.

Steven Van Belleghem  will take you on a passionate, energetic, fast paced and inspirational session about the future of customer experience.

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    Steven Van Belleghem


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Steven Van Belleghem , Keynote

09/09/21 10:00 BST – Keynote: The Offer You Can’t Refuse – Steven Van Belleghem

This last decade has been characterized by the introduction of 4G, social media and mobile services. These technologies have given rise to a new minimum in terms of customer experience.

Customers expect ease of use, friendly and empathetic staff, omnichannel services and competitive prices. In the years to come, customer experience will reach a whole new level. Naturally, technology (5G, quantum computing, robotics and AI) will play a key role in customer expectations, but it goes way beyond that.

Invisible and automatic interfaces will become a necessity but the ultimate ease of use will no longer be enough to come out on top. Automation is but the first step. In addition, companies will have to play an active role in their customers’ life journey. As a company how can you help consumers’ dreams come true and eliminate the obstacles in their day-to-day lives? And finally, companies have the opportunity to tackle concrete world problems together with the customer.

The world is facing unprecedented challenges: climate, healthcare, government budget deficits, mobility… How can a company involve its customers in the solution to these problems? The combination of automation, being a partner in consumers’ lives and solving actual social issues will be the guiding principles for the successful business of the next decade.

For consumers, the combination of all these elements constitutes an offer they can’t refuse.

ON DEMAND – How to Rewire Your Organisation

Join this session and discover how to rewire your organisation to engage better with your customers and employees 

We help organisations “rewire” the way in which they engage with their customers and employees. We believe the future of work is now, and we help customers run, change and adapt their operations in days, not months or years.

Our customer engagement platform works across the enterprise, breaking down the customer engagement barriers that exist across customer service, marketing, sales, branch offices, and operations. We enable people and bots to work together seamlessly from anywhere. And our open architecture enables organisations to leverage their existing investments in new ways.

We also enable enterprises to surface and act on insights in real time to enhance customer experiences and efficiency—and to drive continuous improvement. And since compliance is built into everything we do, we help organisations proactively cover their fraud and risk needs without disrupting the customer experience.

Find out more in this session with Huw  Jones and Martin Melis, Solutions Consultants, Verint 

ON DEMAND – Differentiated Experiences at Scale

In a world where consumers engage with brands constantly across every facet of their lives, how does an organization deliver experiences that are easy, authentic, and high value?

Verint offers a powerful advantage for delivering exceptional experiences. It doesn’t matter whether consumers are calling into a contact centre, chatting with a bot, navigating the website, or responding to a survey.

It starts with the ability to deeply understand every consumer touchpoint across every area of the business. Our AI and analytics can help brands truly listen to their customers and employees. And beyond listening, we provide brands the ability to respond with ongoing improvement—from real-time responses that improve individual interactions to executive-level responses that drive ongoing improvement process across the organization.

Organizations can create highly differentiated experiences and drive enduring customer relationships.

  • Increase advantage: Harness and make meaning of billions of interactions to deliver frictionless, authentic, high-value experiences.
  • Connect the customer experience: Capture, enrich and correlate digital and conversational data across every area of the business.
  • Right experience equation: Strike the right balance between self-service and the human touch, so you can operate at new speed and scale.
  • Enduring relationships: Shift to individualized, session-level interactions for both employees and customers.
  • Get better, faster: Give employees what they need to be more successful – extend that success to the customer experience.

In this session, Tony De Gruttola and Alan Gates will show you how to create differentiated experiences at scale.

ON DEMAND – Science of Customer Engagement

When it comes to customer engagement, we’ve cracked the code with our proven approaches, tools and best practices. We call this the “Science of Customer Engagement,” and we staff Verint Labs with a team of customer engagement experts and data scientists who keep our customers at the forefront of innovation.

  • Customer Engagement Certainty: Benefit from proven approaches, tools and best practices that have cracked the code on Customer Engagement for our customers.
  • AI-powered automation IP: Leverage the latest advancements in AI, ML and NLP to help customers out-perform the status quo.
  • Data Core: Win the hearts of your consumers by combining digital and conversational intelligence; capture and enrich billions of interactions.
  • Verint Labs: Capitalize on the expertise of data scientists focused on keeping customers at the forefront of innovation.
  • Pace Setter: Partner with a proven provider with a 25+ year track record of innovation, broad patents portfolio, rich partner ecosystem, and deep accumulated knowledge derived from processes almost 10B interactions per year

Join Keith Barrow in this session as explains how we have helped organisations across the world outperform.

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CX Hot Tips

Over the summer period, Steven Van Belleghem will share his top 10 tips on the future of Customer Experience.

We’ll be sharing 3 tips every couple of weeks until Steven’s live Keynote on 9th September.

  • Tip 1 #AI: Create Value for Customers

  • Tip 2 #Interfaces of the Future

  • Tip 3 #Become a Friction Hunter

  • Tip 4 #The Circle of life of AI

  • Tip 5 #Check Your Customer Centricity

  • Tip 6 #Level of Excitement

  • Tip 7 #Improve Your Employee Experience

  • Tip 8 #Communicate Your Vision

  • Tip 9 #Deliver More Value More Easily

  • Tip 10 #Listen, Facilitate, Join Conversation


Solutions Tour

Take a ride on our Solutions Tour and learn about the Science of Customer Engagement, How to Rewire your Organisation and Delivering Differentiated Experiences at Scale.


    • How to Rewire Your Organisation

    • Science of Customer Engagement

    • Differentiated Experiences at Scale

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Our Solutions work Better Together

Find out more about our solutions from our product experts below and discover how our solutions work better together.

    • An Introduction to Workforce Management

    • An Introduction to Automated Quality Management

    • Better Together – Combine WFM & AQM to deliver better employee and business outcomes

    • An Introduction to Work Manager

    • An Introduction to Back Office Work Manager and DPA

    • Better Together – Drive operational excellence across your Back Office using Work Manager & Desktop Process Analytics

    • An Introduction to Speech and Text Analytics 

    • An Introduction to Knowledge Management Pro

    • Better Together – Reveal key insights and empower your agents with Speech Analytics & Knowledge Management

    • For our full selection of Solutions visit Engage Online EMEA.


Customer Corner

We work Better Together with our Customers. We strive to keep you up to date on all the latest events, education and support. Along with the  great content in our Cloud Theme Park this summer, we have some more dedicated specifically for our Customers.


  • Video Guide to Entering our Verint EMEA Annual Customer Awards 2021

  • Video Guide to Verint University Courses

  • Discover the benefits of joining our User Forums here in EMEA

Verint EMEA Annual Customer Awards 2021

Our Annual Customer Awards are an opportunity to celebrate how our customers have excelled in customer and employee engagement and adherence to fraud and compliance.

Find out more about how to enter in our video guides.

French: Guide pour candidater
Dutch: Hoe doet u mee
German: So melden Sie sich an
Spanish: Guía para participarse

This year we will be hosting our awards ceremony on Thursday 4th November. This will be a hybrid – physical and virtual – ceremony and we will host customer dinners across UK, Europe, Middle East and South Africa.

Find out more on our Awards website here



Partner Corner

We work Better Together with our Partners. Along with the great content here in our Cloud Theme Park, we have some more content dedicated specifically for our Partners.


  • Working Better Together with Verint’s Marketing Team

  • Supporting our Partners in the Partner Community

  • Visit Verint4Partners for the latest news on events

To find out more about our Partner Network, visit our Find a Partner site.

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