As thousands of enterprises “hire” and manage an army of automated Intelligent Assistants and bots, old-guard measurements like capture rates and average handle times have lost all meaning. Emerging measures like speed to value, customer retention rates, and task completion that span multiple turns and conversations over time now come into meaningful view. Opus Research founder Dan Miller and research director Derek Top will expand upon their research of key performance indicators to detail the metrics that matter as enterprise executives task Intelligent Assistants to deliver correct answers and recommendations consistently at large scale.

Presented By:
Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder
Derek Top, Analyst & Director of Research
Opus Research

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The Road to Speech Analytics Success

Learn about the road to speech analytics success taken by the fastest growing private pension and life insurer in Turkey. Take in where it started, what it’s learned along the way, and where it’s going next in its journey with Verint. Use the outcomes it’s achieved – from lower churn to reduced handle time – and how it leverages speech with other applications (such as quality management and performance management) to help accelerate your own path to success.

Tuesday, 10:30 AM

Dallas B