In the AI-boom era, there is a mad dash to deploy solutions that ensure your business remains competitive. In the rush, it’s natural to focus on the technology itself, rather than its implementation. As a visionary and real-world implementer of “Ask Lisa,” an award-winning IVA, Ibrahim Khoury from Alight Solutions will share what it really takes for your business to implement an IVA for success beyond the pilot or proof-of-concept.
Presented By:
Ibrahim Khoury, Director of Product Development and Innovation
Alight Solutions

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The Road to Speech Analytics Success

Learn about the road to speech analytics success taken by the fastest growing private pension and life insurer in Turkey. Take in where it started, what it’s learned along the way, and where it’s going next in its journey with Verint. Use the outcomes it’s achieved – from lower churn to reduced handle time – and how it leverages speech with other applications (such as quality management and performance management) to help accelerate your own path to success.

Tuesday, 10:30 AM

Dallas B