Get in on our discussion around managed services and the Verint suite. Learn about the concept of disruption prevention through performance monitoring, tuning, and custom scripts – and how it empowers our managed services team to quickly diagnose and resolve issues. Then, get a bird’s eye view into the statistics and analytics highlighting the benefit of managed services that is used to create and maintain the highest quality environment for your Verint solution.


Presented by:

Daniel Jackson

Verint Systems Engineer

PARC Consulting

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The Road to Speech Analytics Success

Learn about the road to speech analytics success taken by the fastest growing private pension and life insurer in Turkey. Take in where it started, what it’s learned along the way, and where it’s going next in its journey with Verint. Use the outcomes it’s achieved – from lower churn to reduced handle time – and how it leverages speech with other applications (such as quality management and performance management) to help accelerate your own path to success.

Tuesday, 10:30 AM

Dallas B